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Subject: Family Debt - Part SixClaire's ViewThere are some things in life you just don't expect.
Standing in my underwear watching my son fucking my
husband's mouth under the direction of my father and my
sister, said husband with a sore arse from being spanked
by my daughter for wearing her underwear, would rate very
high on that list. But higher would have been the
possibility that the lolita links preteen sites whole sick scenario would be turning
me on. All of it, from the moment that Dad had first
outlined his price for not calling in the police over
John's embezzlement despite the front I had tried to put
on to hide it. Dad's domination of John, watching John
suck his dick, seeing him in Dawn's tight and sexy
underwear.It wasn't so much fun when it was my turn, but even then
I was feeling excited even as I was hating having to
strip off in front of the kids and have them shown those
nude photos John had taken secretly of me. When Steve
pushed his hand roughly down the front of my panties -
and how that had made me tremble inside - he had been
right when he had told Dad that my pussy was wet. Or
rather my cunt was wet, as he had so crudely put it. Even
saying that forbidden word in my mind sent a shiver of
excitement down my spine. My son had groped my wet
sopping cunt, I said aloud in my head. And wanted to say
it for real. To throw off all those boring years of
Friday night ten-minute in-and-out sex, and really live
something.I saw Dawn come down the stairs, holding a largish dildo
in one hand and a spray bottle of what I guessed might be
lubricant in the other. I'd never owned such a thing
myself, and had had no idea that Dawn might. She walked
across to where Steve now had John held by the hair as naughty pink lolli xxx
thrust his dick in and out, mouthing the most amazing
obscenities and insults. She watched a moment, smiling
faintly, and then looked over at me. lolita teen movie preview Our eyes met, and in
that look was encapsulated nn lolita preteen model all the petty battles that any
mother would have with her teenage daughter. Clothes,
boys, music, curfews - all the inevitable things. And in
that look was also the knowledge that she had won the
final battle.She said something to Dad, to which he nodded, and then
moved to John's rear. Her eyes still locked with mine and
that faint smile still about her lips, she sprayed the
dildo and massaged the lubricant into it with what I
thought was unnecessarily sensuous hot young loli pics
motions. Then she
positioned it between John's buttocks and, still with
here eyes on me, gave it one almighty push. I saw John
jump in surprise and let out a muffled cry from his
stuffed mouth. And then Dawn's smile turned into a full
grin."Wouldn't you like to be doing this, Mum?" she asked me
leeringly. "Or would you like it better if I was fucking
your arse with it?"I heard a whirring noise to the side, and became aware
that both Dad and Sam had moved away from where Steve
still was thrusting away into his father's mouth. Turning
my head away from the scene, I saw them standing over to
my right as Dad filmed what was going on with a small
camera. He panned round until it was pointed at me."Home movies with a difference, sis," Sam said with a
laugh. "And with the wonder of the internet this could be
downloaded on to a million computers by morning if placed
on a few well-chosen sites. You could be famous worldwide
within a week."I looked at her wordlessly, and something in my
expression she must have misread, because a sudden anger
flushed her face. She stepped over and slapped me across
the face."Still the stuck up cow," she snarled at me. "Still the
prissy big sister, despite all this." She waved her hand
at the scene behind her. Both Steve and Dawn had stopped
what they were doing to their Dad to watch, Steve with
his cock still deep in John's mouth. "Your knickers are
soaking wet from watching it, but you still manage to
look at me as if you're lady muck."My cheek stinging from the unexpected blow, I tried to
open my mouth to protest. But she slapped me again, on
the other cheek, and then put her head back and spat in
my face. I stood there transfixed as her spittle dribbled
down the side of my nose and down to my upper lip."Lick it," she ordered.Mesmerised by the anger in her eyes, I put out my tongue
and licked her spittle from my lip. That made her smile,
but still beneath it there was the anger."On your knees," she told me.I got down on to my knees, so that my face was level with
her crotch. She turned away from me and lowered her
trousers, and then her panties. Her pert little arse was
only inches from my face."Make sure you get this on film, Dad." er pert little
arse was inches from my face. My
Then to me, "Lick my arse, bitch."Tentatively I stuck out my tongue, and ran it up one
tightly muscled buttock."Idiot," she shouted at me. "I want your face buried in
my crack. Your tongue in my arsehole. Do it, bitch, and
do it like you mean it. Show these kids of yours that
you're as much a slut as your sissy faggot of a husband."I lifted trembling hands and pulled apart her arse
cheeks. The length of her crack appeared, and deep within
her little puckered hole. I had never seen one close up
like that before, and the strange thing that struck me
was how pretty it looked. I wondered if mine looked as
good."I'm waiting, sis," came her impatient voice from above
me. "We're all waiting. Waiting for you to use your sweet
slutty tongue on my arsehole."I looked at it and thought of alternatives. John in
prison. Worse, maybe me as well. I had not known
specifically of John's thefts from Dad's business, but I
had realised that we were living far above the standard
justified by his salary. And had chosen not even to ask
about it. I couldn't see how I could convince any jury
that I wasn't an actual accomplice. So the alternatives
were no alternatives at all. Pulling Sam's arse cheeks
further apart, I pushed my face forward between them and
reached out my tongue for her hole. I licked at it,
tasting its tanginess, and then ran the tip of my tongue
around its rim."That's it, bitch," Sam murmured. "That feels good. Now
get it inside me. Fuck my arsehole with your tongue."I pushed my tongue against her hole, feeling the
resistance. And then the tip of it slipped inside.
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